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Meet Our Dogs


F1b Standard Labradoodle

Weight: 50 lbs
Height: 25 in at the shoulder
Coat type: Curly Fleece/ Very low to non-shedding
Color: Cream
Health: Health Tests: Full Embark Genetic Panel

Shyla is our foundation female and will only have one more litter at the end of 2021. She is incredibly
smart, loving and loyal. Shyla is the reason I fell in love with the labradoodle breed. She has just enough
play to keep up with a young family but is also so laid back. She would lay on the couch the majority of
the day if I let her but she also extremely athletic. Shyla makes the cutest and smartest babies. Her
puppies always learn so fast and are the most loving companions.


F1b Labradoodle

Weight: 45 lbs
Height: 24 inches at the shoulder. Coat type: curly fleece Color: Cream
Health testing: Full Embark Panel and OFA hips.

Tia is the most loving and gentle momma. She is one of those dogs that would let you sit and cuddle/pet them all day long. She is obedient and loves to please more than anything.


CKC Mini Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle

Weight: 40 lbs
Height: 21 inches at the shoulder
Coat type: Curly/ Non-Shedding
Color: Cream
Health Tests: Full Embark Genetic Panel
OFA Hips

Charlie is the sweetest little momma. She is the biggest cuddler and is an amazing companion. She has a
very moderate to low energy level but her favorite thing to do is to cuddle and watch tv with us on the
couch. Her coat is a very thick curly type and is so soft! She looks like a teddy bear after the groomers or
just being brushed. Charlie had her first litter of puppies in September of 2020. They were amazing to
raise and their families have raved about how smart and sweet they are.


Small Standard Poodle

Weight: 40 lbs
Height: 22 inches at the shoulder
Coat Type: Curly
Color: Cream
Health: Full Embark Genetic Panel and OFA Hips

Glaze is our small standard female. She is a joy to everyone she meets and is so loving! She is very cuddly and aims to please in everything she does. Glaze has passed all her health testing and will have her first litter in the spring of 2022.


F1 Bernedoodle

Weight: 65 lbs
Height 27 inches at the shoulder
Coat Type: Wavy
Color: Black with White Markings
Health Tests: Full Embark Genetic Panel and OFA Hips

Skye has the most loving temperament. She is a big teddy bear that strives to please in everything she
does. She is so obedient and learns very quickly. Her favorite activity is chewing on her bones or laying
on the couch cuddling. Skye’s energy is moderate/low. Her puppies make amazing family dogs and are
the cutest little couch potatoes.


Multigen Labradoodle

Lilo is one of our up and coming females. She has the most goofy personality and we are so excited so watch her grow up!

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